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The Walk Of Life turned 1 today!

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… oh.

… oh.

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Watch them all rally around the former leaders. We know you closed the guild not because of RL but because if you couldn't lead it no one else could have it.
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Hello, Hi. I’m not sure if this is the same person who wrote the other two posts about this same issue (and believe me, it’s clear what you’re talking about and who), but if there is more of you writing this stuff on an anonymous tumblr site, then seriously.. back off?

I wasn’t even in this guild, but I’ve RPed and chatted with a lot of the people that were in it. The community built up by a sole group of people is what you (plural maybe) obviously participated in too. And I cannot believe that you are so bitter as to blame them, a single person who started it all, for closing down a non-physical structure within a game. They’re not obligated to stay around forever just so you can ruin the fun by bringing a negative attitude to everything. A person, any person, has every right to do whatever they want with their own creation, especially within the world of RP. If they don’t want to hand it to someone else, they don’t have to. It’s their thing, they own it, they can do what they like. They don’t have to answer to you or make excuses.

So how about be thankful that a few other people offered to create another non-physical nor tangible structure within an online MMORPG, just so you could have a fun time and enjoy the same community that the first guild leader decided to create.

It’s a guild. Stop spitting vitriol over the internet and wasting your time thinking about it. Go donate some rice to Africa or do something constructive instead of tearing people down. 

Six in the Mists. 

Let’s not forget that the entire guild is re-forming as a new one with the former leader as a member.

Hard to think this is/was a member and not some kid from outside taking edgy pot-shots.

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Colleen’s eventual profile pic, and me playing with Mirka’s wardrobe again.

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George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

"Another scene I remember now as an adult is every morning at school we started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag…there was the American flag flying over the camp but I could also see the barbed wire fence and the sentry towers pointing at us from my schoolhouse window as I recited the words ‘With liberty and justice for all’." - George Takei, The Daily Show (July 24, 2014). 

Full Episode (apologies, The Daily Show website does not have the best video player). 

To Be Takei documentary official website. 

- Mod Dawes Sr. 

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Every time I see you smile, I fall for you again.
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There is an old Priory saying, ‘Knowledge is power.’ In my Dreamer days, I was also warned that ‘power corrupts.’ In time and in my research, I have found both to not only be quite true, but also leading to the logical conclusion.

Let the other courtiers torture, maim, and kill. Whatever they bring upon themselves, they only have themselves to blame. I will remain where I am, quiet and unassuming. The only weapon I need is knowledge, and it is a weapon I have learned to use quite well.

I am Raquel of Dusk, and I am the Librarian.

What would you like to learn today?

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So much for that show. I’ll be going now.

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Colleen was the first character I rolled in GW2, right after I bought the game at launch. She’s been through two makeovers, a name change, and five other alts dinging 80 before she hit max level last night.

So to celebrate, I put her back in the light blue Commander’s Armor I started her with and rolled around Dry Top.

Its true: Warriors are OP. Holy hell.

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Reblog this if it’s OK if I do drawings of your Character and send them to you.



Sometimes I feel like drawing, but I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable if it’s not your cup of tea.