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Foxes living on the beach in Hokkaido [x]

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Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: Worn Armor

(left to right, top to bottom)

Valiant Skoryy - Nightshade Helm, Firstborn Shoulderguards , Firstborn Coat, Firstborn Gloves, Firstborn Leggings, Firstborn Boots, Warden Pistol, Tormented Pistol

I spent waaaaay too much gold on this at first, but it was totally worth it. Its pretty much his thematic look, the dashing colorful sylvari thief. To quote Pepper after I recently re-adorned the leaves, ‘The Valiant is back!’

Explorer Skoryy - Inquest Hood, Studded Shoulders, Sneakthief Coat, Sneakthief Gloves, Seeker Pants, Outlaw Boots, Warden Pistol, Tormented Pistol

I’ve toyed around with putting together a non-leafy very thiefy set of leathers and finally settled on these right around the start of LS2. Given Kayley and Pepper’s reactions, I think I did good.

Mirka Wallace - Acolyte Mask (unseen as it clips his bangs), Acolyte Mantle, Devout Garb, Feathered Gloves, Winged Pants, Aurora Shoes, Ebon Vanguard Staff

I wanted to give Mirka the look of a cloistered hooded scholar, and I’m fairly certain I nailed it. Throw in the Wallace family colors and you have the look he’s had for over a year now. I should switch the staff to something Krytan or Seraph, though.

Nanuchka - Feathered Headpiece, Exalted Coat, Feathered Gloves, Diviner Leggings, Embroidered Sandals, Khrysaor the Golden Sword

I had a norn I wanted to make into a Disney princess. A Disney norn princess. She came out rather revealing, admittedly, but I was completely sold on the gratuitous fur/feathers of her coat. I’ll likely swap out the skirt for the one from CM once I have enough tokens.

Colleen Stryker - Commander’s Helm, Scale Pauldrons, Commander’s Armor, Commander’s Gauntlets, Commander’s Chausses, Commander’s Footgear, Krytan Greatsword

I made a set rule when I first rolled her that she would always wear full body armor. She’s a melee combatant, after all. The Commander’s set is perfect for this. The bright blue is a carry over from her original City of Heroes inspiration, I kept it because I like being original.

Aonainm - Eagle-Eye Goggles, Vigil’s Honor Shoulderguards, Vigil’s Honor Jerkin, Vigil’s Honor Gloves, Vigil’s Honor Leggings, Vigil’s Honor Boots, Vigil’s Honor Rifle

The Vigil protects. It also blows shit up. Bring eye protection.

Udaloy - Warden Helm, Warden Shoulderguards, Warden Coat, Warden Gloves, Warden Leggings, Warden Boots, Warden Greatsword

A recipient of an impulse shopping spree, but the warden set is really really nice. He can dress up as a sultan in his onion head hat. Bonus fact: All his dyes are starter colors.

Raquel of Dusk - Reading Glasses, Nightmare Court Robes, Embroidered Wristguards, Nightmare Court Sarong, Aurora Shoes

I can make pretty ‘vari too! Now to level her up and take her IC so she’s not sitting in the Priory library all the time.

And that took a while. Now to lamp a bit and mourn the new direction Mythbusters is headed in. ._.

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Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: Favorite Playable Race

I think its fairly obvious.

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Toasty challenged my manliess, and I answered. Now I challenge Isendil, Phono, and a random member of my extended family to do the same!

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Are you just trying to look like a jackass, or did you completely skip reading the OP on that post? It was excoriating people for mimicking Ferguson, because yes, there were people actually doing that. It wasn't saying "you shouldn't be upset or protesting," it was saying "DON'T MAKE JOKES ABOUT ACTUAL REAL SERIOUS ISSUES." Every single thing you are saying makes you look like you lack any reading comprehension and/or concept of sensitivity.
Anonymous asked


There was no evidence given that anyone was saying that some people were doing the protest because of the Ferguson Protests. Look yourself, here is the whole OP post:

alright if you all want to gather around the super adventure box and scream into each others asses about how it was shelved then sure go ahead do what you want

but joking about suicide pacts and riots and trying to mimic real life protest events while ferguson is a thing that is happening right now is fucking tasteless and disgusting and you all need to shut up

occupysab2014 isn’t Cute And Funny it’s fucking gross

There is no reference to what they were doing. No just “mimic real life protest events”. Hell, they didn’t even say “like Ferguson”. They said “while Ferguson”. This leaves the reader to assume that it is because they are making a protest that that is why the OP is equating it to the real life event.

But seriously all that had to be done was show evidence and then I wouldn’t have to deal with several angry messages or personal attacks.

All I was saying was, under the assumption that the only link between this protest and the Ferguson Protest was that they were both protests, was why do you call them disgusting for protesting?

Even now I wonder “why are these people who are protesting disgusting?” Shouldn’t it be those who are equating this to Ferguson be the disgusting ones and not “Joe-Shmoe” who really liked the Adventure Box and wants to see it return? Why talk about all of them when it is only some?

Hello, I’m not Troy McClure, but I’m am currently starring in movies such as Skoryy Is Old Enough To Know Better and Skoryy Plays The Fucking Grown-Up.

Let’s start with #OccupySAB. You remember the original Occupy, right? The protest against the increasing class divide and economic disparity plaguing our nation. How people young and old stood together to show how much they feared their present and their future and their children’s future. People standing up for something that was legitimately important.

Here, we have the Occupy tag taken for protests over your pretendy fun-time game. Warning sign number one.

Now let’s talk about timing. About how, right now, right this very minute, there are people in Ferguson taking a stand for their basic rights as human beings. Their basic right to be treated as first-class citizens. Their basic right not to get mercilessly gunned down by the public servants we trust to protect and serve us. The toll of hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crow, and post-Civil Rights Act tension are all boiling over yet again.

But, hey, right now seemed like a perfect time to ‘riot’ because Devon Carver said some unflattering things about SAB’s future. I’m sure the decision to hold a ‘riot’ right now, while Missouri is all over the news, while Missouri is actually burning, that was entirely coincidental, right? Right?

Its not like Anet made bad decisions before, and its not like the players have found creative ways to protest said bad decisions. I remember the charr armor march. If you were super serious about bringing SAB back, maybe sending cupcakes, cookies, and other niceties to Josh Foreman might help. It is, after all, the project he started in his spare time, still his personal project, and, if his last words are anything, he’s pretty bummed at how badly World 2 was received. He’s the guy you need to talk to.

But Occupying? Rioting while there are legitimiate honest-to-Dr. King protests going on right now? You’re only slightly less out of touch than the white kids stepping over a black protestor so they can take goofy pictures. Stop that. Right now. You’re not helping.

Shut off the computer. Step outside. Remember there’s a whole world full of people out there who don’t have it nearly as good as you do. Hell, you’re probably playing alongside more than a few of them. And remember that vital things such as basic fucking human rights are not things we should fucking trivialize because of your desire to bring back a part of your pretendy fun-time game.

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Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: First Character

The first picture dates from August 30th, 2012. I bought the game at launch and rolled up a warrior as I was still in the thrall of City of Heroes’s tanky melee meta. Then I found out she could use a rifle. And then City shut down and I wandered away from anything NCSoft for a few months. :(

She’s been through a name change from Sovremenny to Colleen Stryker, a couple makeovers, and just as many concept changes before she finally hit 80 last month. She did keep the Commander’s Armor and Scale Armor shoulders. And courtesy of some prodding from Pepper, she might even see the light of RP soon!

(Now if I can just find someone to re-use the headband hair on…)

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alright if you all want to gather around the super adventure box and scream into each others asses about how it was shelved then sure go ahead do what you want

but joking about suicide pacts and riots and trying to mimic real life protest events while ferguson is a thing that is happening right now is fucking tasteless and disgusting and you all need to shut up

occupysab2014 isn’t Cute And Funny it’s fucking gross

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"Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge"

Let’s get started ;P

Time to do this too!

I like this :D

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seeking more gw2 blogs to follow!


Hello! Exactly what it says on the tin; I’m not followin enough gw2 blogs. Like or reblog this, and I’ll come check you out and follow from my main, damedanbo.

Also feel free to add me ingame; I’m danbo.1982

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To finish an emotional roller coaster of a night, I discovered Professor Elemental came out with another new album. And this was the first track.

And it is completely Skoryy.