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More screenshot fun with Isabella.

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He’s level 24 already. Help.

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Questions you find yourself asking while playing GW2...


  1. "Who is shooting at me?"
  2. "Why am I dead?"
  3. "Can I jump from here and live?"
  4. "Why did you let me jump from there?"
  5. "Why are we friends?"
  7. "Should I really buy another character slot?"
  9. "Why do I look…
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GW2 PAX meetup lowdown.


Some questions answered, some not.

For the most part I was most interested in lore questions of the past as opposed to incessantly nitpicking releases. I do feel many of the fans who try to talk to devs have a terrible habit of getting wrapped up in their own anxieties and questions as opposed to…

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This is what I get for RPing around ASP. Necros are actually pretty fun too, I’m finding out.

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15 Year Old Who "SWATTED" Gamer Convicted Of Domestic Terrorism; 25 Years To Life In Federal Prison - National Report


 ”Defense lawyers told the courtroom that Horner, who goes by the gamertag BadAssDwg69, was upset after being repeatedly beaten by a fellow gamer at Battlefield 4.”

BadAssDwg69 reportedly cried like a little bitch when he realized he’d just ruined the next quarter of a century of his life for being a unrepentant little shit over a fucking video game, witnesses reported

Meanwhile, Skoryy face-palmed that ‘If Its On The Internet It Must Be True’ is a thing again and fake stories are treated as gospel. They even re-used the picture of some other guy being sentenced 25 to life for beating a toddler to death.

Seriously, folks. If its on, Google and Snopes first.

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So if, say, someone decided to get wordy with his own gaming blog, what would be the recommendation for hosting such a thing?

I’ve already been recommended Wordpress, but I’ve heard not so good things about their hosting from other blogs I’ve frequented.

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Reblog if your muse ISN’T from an anime

(Source: memesfortheroleplayerssoul)

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Today was the day…


… that a stranger called Goseldt dapper and he was no where near Mog.

The dapper disease has spread.


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I spent this evening doing what I do most of the time in-game, roleplaying with Skoryy, before finishing the evening where I started two years ago, smiting bad guys with Colleen. And then the Source had cake. Lots and lots of cake.

(Protip: If you can get the cake to land on a ranger pet, it will eat it!)